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THE VUVUZELA HOTLINE (PTY) LTD is a Level 3 BEE firm that provide various channels of communication for communities, through organisations and businesses, to voice their concerns about crime, substance abuse, unethical or corrupt behaviour and the intimidation and victimisation suffered by those who disclose information. We will endeavour to remain at the forefront of the fight against crime, corruption and discrimination through our involvement in national and international initiatives to combat it.

Company Profile

Our Vision

Enabling organisations and communities to live and interact by a Code of Honour

Our Mission

 - Releasing integrity enery
 - Creating pockets of integrity
 - Creating a "safe space"
 - Building sustainability
 - Building trust and shared values
 - Building magnetic organisations

Our Values

 - Transparency
 - Honesty
 - Accountability
 - Integrity
 - Mutual trust

Our Expertise

 - Fraud/Ethics awareness training
 - Forensic investigation
 - Technology integration
 - Large scale projects (national & multinational)
 - Sustainable integration of positive value system into organisational culture

The Team

Bashier Adam

Bashier is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) with 18 years of professional experience. Bashier is the Chief Executive Officer of SAB&T Incorporated

Werner Bouwer

Werner was appointed as a Director of Nexus Forensic Services on 1 November 2006.  Before joining Nexus, Werner was a Principal with Deloitte Forensic & Dispute Services.

Hanlie Strydom
Project Manager

Hanlie is the Project Manager at Vuvuzela Hotline. Prior joining Vuvuzela Hotline, Hanlie was appointed as Project Administrator at Nexus Forensic Services for the past 6 years.


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