Frequently Asked Questions

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is when an employee, contractor or supplier discloses information on suspected illegal and unethical practices at work. This can be done via internal processes set up by the organization (internal whistleblowing) or to an external body (external whistleblowing).

What is the Vuvuzela whistleblowing website?

The Vuvuzela Whistleblowing website was developed by Vuvuzela to enable employees, vendors and other stakeholders (such as organisation’s shareholders, customers, service providers and business partner) of Vuvuzela clients, to anonymously report any activity that is deemed illegal or unacceptable.

Who can report?

Employees, vendors and other stakeholders (i.e. individuals with interest in the organisation such as an organisation’s shareholders, customers, service providers and business partners)

Who receives your incident report?

Vuvuzela Ethics Line, a platform made available to receive any suspected unethical conduct involving or affecting Vuvuzela’s clients.

Why should I report?

Reporting an illegal or unethical behaviour can help facilitate the prevention or detection of fraud in your organisation.

How can I report?

By either logging your complaint via this website, using our mobile app, calling the Vuvuzela Ethics Hotline, sending an email via the Vuvuzela Ethics Line mailbox or physically sending documents via post to the Vuvuzela Ethics Line.

What time can I call?

The Vuvuzela Ethics Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can log your complaint via this application at any time.

Must I disclose my identity?

You are not required or obliged to disclose your identity when reporting incidents.

Can someone find out that I made a negative report against them?

No. Your anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed. Even if you accidentally include your name, email or contact address this will not be disclosed to your organisation.

What if I want to disclose my identity?

We may only disclose your identity if you provide use with prior consent.

What happens to reported cases?

Reported cases are logged and communicated only to designated recipients at the right level of management at our respective clients.

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