Hotline hosting and service

We charge a monthly Hotline service fee to provide a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, Fraud and Ethics reporting service to our customers. Our knowledgeable Call centre agents, are always available and ready, to take calls, in all eleven official South African languages; Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English, Sepedi, Tswana, Southern Sotho, Swati, Venda, Ndebele and Tsonga.

Fraud can be reported via, Telephone, Email, SMS, Website, Mobile Application, Fax or Freepost

Our monthly Hotline service fee includes 24-hour availability, via all reporting channels and the following management and reports

  • Project Management
  • Handling all calls and incidents reported via the various reporting channels
  • Populating questionnaires
  • Writing and distribution of daily reports within 24 hours
  • Writing and distribution of Monthly reports and Quarterly reports

Fraud awareness training

Our awareness presentations are based on our very successful presentations to other clients, and in alignment with best practices, the Companies Act and King IV, and (current) amendments to the Protected Disclosures Act.  Our awareness training sessions will be presented by our team. These two facilitators have had years of experience investigating fraud and corruption within various private companies and public enterprises. They portray a dedicated passion towards anti-corruption and in educating individuals of the importance of whistleblowing within organisations, to assist in the fight against crime and corruption.

The topics of the training provided can be tailored to your organizations training need, should you require that a specific topic be included in training material. These can be discussed during the initial planning session and final meeting prior to approval of material to be presented during the training sessions.

Ethics training

Ethics and value training promote ethical behaviour and provide employees with instructions on how to deal with ethical dilemmas when they occur and improve their overall ethical conduct. In the context of organisations, ethics refer to ethical values applied to decision-making, conduct, and the relationship between the organisation, its stakeholders and the broader society. Without a clear set of values, a business may find themselves at a serious disadvantage. Ethics training is most effective when perceived by employees to be “value-driven,” rather than simply compliance-driven and values-based programs are most effective in reducing unethical behaviour, strengthening employee commitment and making employees more willing to deliver unfavourable news to managers. The eight elements that comprise the ethical basis of an organization are respect, honour, integrity, customer focus, results-oriented, risk-taking, passion and persistence.

Our ethics training will help employees develop an ability to recognize and promote ethical decisions in the workplace, and identify ethical and unethical actions and behaviours.

Our ethics training sessions will be presented by our team, qualified ethics officer. These two facilitators have years of experience in Ethics Management, Risk Management and Corporate Governance within various private companies and public enterprises. They portray a dedicated passion towards ethics, values and anti-corruption and in educating organizations and individuals of the importance of ethical behaviour within organisations, to assist in the fight against crime and corruption.

Fraud awareness material

Fraud Awareness Material like Posters, pamphlets and email signatures help to promote our customers Fraud Hotlines and ensure that the Fraud Hotline contact details of our customers are noticed, encouraging whistle-blowers to make that call. Vuvuzela has a dedicated branding team with the necessary creative and artistic skill set, to ensure that the fraud awareness designs are noticeable, informative and in line with our customers individual branding themes. Each design is striking and unique.

Promotional items

Promotional items handed out to employees or stakeholders of our customers also assist with Fraud Hotline promotion. We have a wide range of items like lanyards, card holders, highlighters, keyrings and USB’s for branding which will assist in promoting Fraud Hotlines, Fraud Awareness and whistleblowing.

Culture surveys

Recent research has confirmed an underlying economic logic that connects each of the three vertices of a “fraud triangle” – a fundamental criminological model of factors driving occupational fraud. It is postulated that in the presence of economic motivation and opportunity, the likelihood of an occupational fraud happening in an organization increases substantially if the overall organization culture is perceived as being slack toward fraud as it helps potential fraudsters in rationalizing their actions.

Hence, anti-fraud strategies are policies, procedures, techniques, structures as well as the environment created to reduce the pressure to engage in fraud, minimize the opportunity to commit fraud, lessen the ability to perpetrate fraud and curtail the sense of rationalization in committing fraud.

An annual ethics or fraud culture survey can help with identifying fraud risk within your organization and assist in creating and sustaining an ethical corporate culture by instilling honesty, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, fairness and citizenship within your organization.